MrPiePlays (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Hi, My Names MrPiePlays and i'm a YouTube Let's Player! I record and commentate on Adventure/Action games and the likes!
I'm also a games artist and enthusiastic about art in general so this tumblr is dedicated to gaming art and my YouTube Videos Specifically!
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Keep on rockin'!

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✖ Let’s Play: Assassins Creed: Blackflag | “A Single Madman” | PART 11 [Walkthrough/Playthrough] PC (by MrPiePlays)

✖ Let’s Play: Assassins Creed: Blackflag | “Proper Defenses” | PART 10 [Walkthrough/Playthrough] PC (by MrPiePlays)